Welcome to Family lawyers Red Deer, Ab. A family lawyer is the type of person that you want to hire when there are no other alternatives. These are the kind of people that will handle litigations, child custody, arbitration, and other situations. Nowadays the goal is to find a family lawyer services that carry great dignity and trust in their work. Fortunately for you, our local law firm is all about you and integrity to carry out trusted, quality, and licensed family lawyer services. Anything your family requires the aid of our  law office we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

We will make sure that you won’t be alone and that you will be provided with excellent family lawyer Red Deer services. The best answer to your any issues, concerns, and problems that you want to be addressed is our company and the services.

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There is no other law office in Red Deer that equates the excellent and qualitative services that we offer. We tend to every family that needs our support, guidance, and services. If you need our services and our assistance, we are sure to deliver with sheer dedication, humility, and respect.
And those are the qualities that make us different to other companies offering family lawyer services. With those characteristics, we were able to create a bond and trust with our clients. We are able to achieve the desired outcomes of our clients.
Our Red Deer team is always ready to handle any situation and to be at your disposal. We ensure that you will never be alone.


A great company filled with humility and respect. We offer services that only bring quality and resolution.

If you are having troubles on who gets the custody of the child, then you may need our services. Our family lawyer services are bringing problems with child custody at ease. Of course, through proper proceedings.

The service will guide you in every decision and action that will be made regarding the child’s custody. And the team will do it’s very best for the best outcome for you and your loved ones. Trust us, and we will reciprocate it with greater service.

When a marriage fails, there would always be problems on who gets this and who gets that, but with our property distribution services, you will not be stressed about the property distribution. The service will be guiding you through legal action on will get the particular items at hand.

The proper procedures will be guided conducted regarding the appropriate property distribution. With our divorce lawyers Red Deer service, it will be ensured that you get your equal share of the properties.

Another product of divorce is spousal support. This technically means that you will be supporting your ex-spouse financially.

Red Deer family law services will guide you about the legal and proper determination of spousal support. It will be determined if you are legible for spousal support. We can also give you a ballpark figure as to how much support you may get from your spouse.

Through our divorce services, you may also be guided by giving out recommended actions on the matter at hand.

Litigation is the proper way of handling issues at hand through the means of proceedings. Our service will be guiding you in the court proceedings. Our lawyers will make sure that you are guided with every decision you make in court.

If you are not present in the process of negotiation, no need to worry as we also offer services where a family lawyer is representing you. The negotiation details and information will also be passed to you with honesty.

Our divorce lawyer services rooted in honesty within the industry. You can trust us to handle all your negotiations, and we can also recommend the just and proper actions to apply.

If you are experiencing problems in your relationship, our company also offers services concerning mediation and arbitration. If you don’t want your issue to be pushed to a court proceeding, then you can use our services for this option as well.

The family lawyer will be giving out solutions to your problems by hearing the statements of both parties. Our services are unbiased and we greatly uphold justice and honesty with every decision that we make.

Any disputes in your family will be handled, such as relationship, financial, or marital disputes.


The team is working efficiently with experienced professionals. We take pride in our great customer service, and our  team always gives their 100% in delivering the different services in our repertoire. Trained and knowledgeable personnel that will guide in every decision that you make.

We believe that we must work with respect, honesty, and justice. Those are the qualities which we rooted in our great services. We are also an open for criticism and suggestions.

If you have any disputes in your family, we can help you with through our various services. Contact us now and experience compassionate and experienced help to guide you through the process and your legal rights.

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We take pride in hiring friendly knowledgable staff

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We take pride in hiring friendly knowledgable staff

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We are confident in our work and guarantee all jobs completed by our expert staff.

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We have been in business for the past 9 years.

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Mission / Vision

Our family lawyers Red Deer mission is to carry out services that are honest and respectable. To offer quality to service to families that need help to resolve disputes that are happening internally and externally. Increase the satisfaction of the clients that we serve.

We continually strive to help families that need guidance, recommendation, and resolution through legal proceedings. We will continually give you solutions to problems that you may encounter, and through that, we will be creating bonds.

Our law firm will also make sure that you get a fair share of benefits through our services and that you are in good hands. We make sure that we will not stop until you get what you deserve and that you are guided every step of the way.

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