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Seal specializes in the areas of Online Desk Divorce, Collaborative Family Law, & Drafting Separation, Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements.

Our office focuses on Negotiation & Resolution over Court Litigation. Over the last 7 years of practice Seal has helped hundreds of clients navigate the perils of Divorce & Separation by utilizing some of the most cost-effective, interest-based and timely methods to resolve Family Law disputes amicably.

As a Registered Collaborative Lawyer & Mediator, Seal taught the Parenting After Separation Course which has reinforced his commitment to helping parents reduce conflict & increase co-operation.

Divorce can be intimidating. That is why Christine, our Legal Assistant with over 15 years of Family Law experience, will work directly with you to make sure you get the service you deserve.

Christine can be reached at any time at 587-815-4007. 

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